Summer is the perfect time to enjoy this bitter Italian classic, and we like to think we make one of the best in Sydney! So how do we do it?

The negroni should be simple enough; its three equal parts of different spirits stirred over ice and garnished with orange. But too many times we’ve tasted the cocktail watery or unbalanced. This is how you get the perfect mix.


30ml Gin

30ml Campari

30ml Sweet vermouth

Orange peel or rind to garnish


Pro tip: Before you begin building your drink there are two things you must do. The first is to ice the glass you’ll be serving it in, the second is to make your garnish. Doing these two steps at the beginning ensures your beverage will be the perfect temperature and won’t have time to melt while you add the finishing touches.

Pour all three spirits into a cocktail shaker filled with ice, take a large stirring spoon and stir the mix continuously for about 30 seconds. Give it a taste to see if the mixture is adequately diluted. If it is, then strain into your pre-chilled glass, add one large ice block or ball and garnish.

A note on garnish: The negroni is traditionally served with a fresh-cut wedge of orange, it’s said that this was done so that you could bite in on a sunny day, making it the ultimate refresher!  These days you’ll often see a negroni served with an orange twist. If you’re going down this route then be sure to remove as much pith from the peel as possible.

Enjoy immediately!

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