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Francesco Scala in for his first time in Australia from his home town of Calabria dropped in to take over the bar.

Following family traditions since 1949, the vineyard is 18 hectares for an overall production of 100,000 bottles.

Calabria is located at the ‘toe’ of the Italian peninsula and is characterized by its Mediterranean climate. Calabria’s best known wine region is Cirò. Here, Gaglioppo is king. One of Italy’s oldest varieties, recent DNA studies have found that Gaglioppo is a natural crossing of Sangiovese and Mantonico. The name Gaglioppo is derived from a Greek word meaning ‘beautiful foot’, owing to its cherubic and plump ripe bunches.

Gaglioppo is a low colour variety and the wines often have an orange tinge, a factor that has, in the past, seen the wines blended with darker varieties such as Cabernet and Merlot. However, with renewed interest in Italy’s native grapes, Gaglioppo is taking centre stage and might just be the next Nerello.

Ian D’Agata writes in Native Wine Grapes of Italy that “the best examples of Ciro or any monovarietal Gaglioppo wine, exude aromas of small red berries and citrus zest, with mineral and delicate underbrush notes that are not unlike a lighter, more saline Nebbiolo wine”.



scala wines

Scala Ciro Rosso

francesco scala

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