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Fasoli Gino 'Ła corte del Pozzo' Valpolicella Ripasso 2017

We started making the Vallpolicella Ripasso over 30 years ago following the winemaking tradition of the area. Today the Ripasso is a well-loved wine, similar to an Amarone, it is enriched with dried grapes that give it robust structure and body. The Ripasso is an expression of our philosophy and the land we live in. It is a wine with power that has been harnessed by pleasant harmony. We bottle our Valpolicella Ripasso under the “Corte del Pozzo” brand that expresses the importance of our relationship with the local grape growers who would meet around the well on our property back in the 1900s. Today we work with the same families we collaborated with 40 years ago. With the Corte del Pozzo line we dedicate a parte of our history to these people.

Fasoli Gino