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Girolamo Russo 'San Lorenzo' 2018

One of the most compelling wines from Mount Etna comes from Giuseppe Russo 

Since 2005, Giuseppe Russo has been organically farming his family's old vineyards, where many of the vines are around 100 years of age, and he is restoring the old cellar under his house. He has 15 hectares of vines on the Northern side of Etna around the town of Passopisciaro - considered the best part of the volcano for viticulture - and still sells off fruit from the youngest vines. He was part of the early wave of producers recognising the potential of the region, the indigenous varieties and traditional wines, and today makes some of the greatest wines on Mt Etna.

San Lorenzo 
12 ha between 700 and 800m altitude, some 100-year old bush-vines, some new plantings which have been self-propagated from the old ones . The soil is a younger layer of volcanic rock approximately 2,500 years old on Giuseppe's area . San Lorenzo makes very fine perfumed floral wines with cherry/balsamic notes and firm tannins.