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Massolino Barolo 'Margheria' 2017

Founded in 1896, by Giovanni Massolino, the family's heritage is richly intertwined with that of the whole region. They now farm 23 hectares across prime real estate in the Serralunga sub-region, with premium holdings on the famed slopes of Margheria, Parafada and the legendary vineyard Vigna Rionda.

2017 Massolino Barolo 'Margheria' The Margheria vineyard is one of Serralunga’s most important and illustrious sites. The Massolino family bought their first parcel here in 1964, and the remainder came online during the ’70s. The current holding is 1.5 hectares. Sitting at 340 metres above sea level, Margheria is a very chalky vineyard with a good percentage of sand (which brings elegance), while the high calcium carbonate content brings vibrant, mineral energy to the natural depth of Serralunga.