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Maxime Francois Laurent "Champsaurel" Rousset les Vignes Cotes du Rhone Villages 2020

Aside from producing the wines for Domaine Gramenon, with his mother Michele, Maxime Laurent began his own label in 2006, when he paired up with a grower who had almost six hectares between the villages of Montbrison-sur-Lez and Valréas. Like all of the Gramenon vines, the fruit is farmed organically, without any chemical intervention whatsoever. Similarly, in the winery, Maxime vinifies his wines in the most natural way: no addition of sulphites upon vatting, fermentation with natural yeasts, no fining, no filtration, and only a tiny amount of sulphur after malolactic fermentation (2g/hl).

Needless to say, the wines are just as exciting as Domaine Gramenon's. Vibrant, primary fruit, layered spice, and supported by svelte tannins. All of the hallmarks of the Gramenon wines are here - Maxime Laurent is one to watch.