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2018 Vie di Romans Pinot Grigio Dessimis

Vie di Romans is one of the greatest and best known Estates in Italy
 Gianfranco Gallo is in charge of the Estate since 1978 and has meticulously restored his Vineyards and researched his region . He has devoted painstaking attention to winemaking practices and these initiatives have given the stamp of unique personality to the wines of Vie di Romans over the last 20 years. Wines from distinct vineyards were produced separately beginning in 1990, and in 1992, with the release of the 1990 vintage, the custom was established of releasing them a full two years after harvest, providing them with sufficient time to develop their full potential

Terroir :
Isonzo is a glacial tongue of the Carnic and Julian Alps extending from the Austrian Slovenian border to the Adriatic sea and most Vineyards are a mix of Rocks , Gravel and Lime stone soil .

The Dessimis Vineyard is of generous gravel-pebbly texture, clay of reddish hue due to presence of ferrous oxides . Beautiful pink hue in the glass with aromas of dried herbs, nashi pear and apple . Restrained sweet red berries and spice on the palate with fine skin tannins from the short maceration . powerful and long lasting on the finish .