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Clemens Busch Vom Blauen Schiefer Riesling 2019

The 2019 vintage wines show the signature precision combining the ripe vibrant fruit flavours of the warmer season with balancing acidity. The dry Rieslings are real show-stoppers, fresh with excellent inner tension. The sweet and noble rot wines of 2019 are nuanced, with light, playful sweetness and elegant acidity – perfectly balanced.

Clemens’s Rieslings are one of the greatest expressions of soil transfer (terroir) available today, the perfect combination of exceptional site, old vines and meticulous bio-dynamic farming. Reviewers have been raving about the 2019 vintage, with the wines scoring highly across the board!

The 2019er Riesling vom blauen Schiefer, as it is referred to on the main part of the label, comes from early pickings in the blue-slate sector (Fahrlay) of the Pündericher Marienburg. It offers a gorgeously floral and subtle bouquet quickly joined by mirabelle, vineyard peach, herbs, passion fruit, and smoke. The wine is gorgeously animating on the precise and zest-infused palate and leaves a feel of orchard fruits and herbal elements in the beautifully tart finish. The after-taste is all about flowers, minerals, and fresh orchard fruits. This is a gorgeous dry Riesling in the making!"