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Disznoko 'Tokaji' late harvest, furmint 2018


László Mészáros makes this late harvest wine from mainly botrytised Furmint grapes (along with 6% Zéta and 6% Hárslevelu), which have shrivelled to around half of their original volume. Termed Késói Szüretelésú in Hungarian, there was no berry-by-berry selection here as there is for Aszú wines. Instead, selected bunches of botrytised clusters and part-clusters were harvested then macerated for a short period before being pressed. The wine was then racked into used French oak (including barrels from Disznóko's sister property, Château Suduiraut in Sauternes), where it matured for six months. 

The short aging has kept the wine's pungent and fruity aromas and flavours intact, and guarded its energy and freshness. On the palate, there is a fine balance of candied fruit and tangerine sweetness, racy acidity and gentle grip. This wine finishes with a residual sugar level of around 130 g/L, which is well-balanced by punchy acidity, leaving us with a vibrant and modern expression of Tokaji. 

The balance and freshness mean that you don't necessarily have to serve this with dessert. In fact, in Hungary, this kind of wine is often consumed as an aperitif or with goat's cheese or pâté on toast. Regardless of what you serve it with, it's a delicious and unique, medium-bodied sweet wine from one of the great sweet wine regions of the world.