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Domaine Lajibe ‘Serres Seques’ Jurançon Blanc 2018 Petit Manseng

In the glass, Petit Manseng wines are full-bodied and full of texture, and often described as creamy and “cheesy.” Predominant fruit characteristics are stone fruits like peaches and apricots, citrus, and green apple, with secondary flavors of candied fruit, nuts, and spice.

Jean-Baptiste Semmartin, the vigneron behind Domaine Lajibe was a sportsman in a past life, representing France on its national fencing team. He fell into wine from there, first making wine in Bordeaux, then in Collioure and finally in Burgundy where he worked with biodynamic pioneer, Emmanuel Giboulot. His old vineyards planted with Gros Manseng, Petit Manseng, Courbu and Claverie were certified organic in 2010 and biodynamic in 2019. He, for sure, is a rising star of the appellation.

The vineyard is very steep on shallow soil with mountain gravel. It is also warm and dry, ideal for Petit Manseng. Jean-Baptiste uses native yeast fermentation, ages the wine for 1 year in neutral wood barrels and leaves it unfiltered with 100g of residual sugar.