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Jean-Pierre Robinot ‘Charme’ 2019 Chenin Blanc

The Charme is a lovely Chenin Blanc that has been matured in old oak barrels.

Old oak is used by the vast majority of natural winemakers because the old barrels no longer impart that overpowering vanilla flavour to the wine. Instead, they allow a little oxygen to reach the wine ensuring that it will last longer in the bottle.

This wine is absolutely intriguing!

The Charmes vineyard is over 40 years old and was bought by Jean-Pierre and Noella about ten years ago in the Jasnieres district. The soils are quite chalky and this can be seen in the wine.

The oxidative treatment of the wine by Jean-Pierre ensures that the wine will last for a very, very long time. Expect this one to last for fifty years or more!

The 2019 Charme has reflected the season and ranks at 13% alcohol, therefore is ideal as a wine to accompany foods.