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Okonomierat Rebholz 'Ganz Horn' Riesling GG 2020

The 'Ganz Horn' parcel lies in the middle of the 'Im Sonnenschein' site and was virtually incorporated into it when the German wine law came into force in 1971. The soil of the Ganz Horn parcel, however, has a completely different composition than Im Sonnenschein, which consists mainly of shell limestone. Ganz Horn dates from the Pleistocene period and consists of slope gravel that was formed only about a million years ago. The conglomerate of red sandstone, gravel, loam and sand is the basis of this independent "Großes Gewächs", which has been vinified solitarily under the Gewann name since 2007. The grapes were destemmed and fermented in steel after a 24-hour maceration period.

The 2020 Riesling Großes Gewächs from Ökonomierat Rebholz's Ganz Horn is ethereal on the nose with a discreetly spicy note and a light core tone. In the aromatic deep state, citrus, wet pebbles, white pepper along with peach peel and fresh apple cider join the aromatic canon. Of the Rebholz GGs, the Ganz Horn is the most open-hearted this year.

On the palate, the Ganz Horn is snappy with a distinctive spiciness, the ripe acidity stretched far across the palate. Flanked by subtle phenolic notes, it has a haptic effect like low-pile velvet stroked against the grain. Its salty impression is supported and stimulatingly accelerated by the vibrating acid nerve and accompanied by fine bitterness. Citrusy-tart with a saline finish. Like all Rebholz GGs, the Ganz Horn benefits from sufficient bottle maturity.