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Cantina del Pino Barbera d'Alba 2018

 With a house and winery overlooking the Ovello cru with the church tower of Barbaresco beautifully framed by vines, the Vacca family started off as growers with the Produttori del Barbaresco cooperative, managed today by Renato's cousin Aldo Vacca. In 1997, Renato decided to leave Produttori del Barbaresco to bottle his own fruit and start his own label (Cantina del Pino is named after a giant pine tree planted symbolically at the top of Ovello). His wines are fragile and soulful, much like the man himself. Cantina del Pino releases its Barbaresco wines one year later than its peers.  Monica Larner, The Wine Advocate

Ripe plum and fresh cherry flavours are supported by nice mineral tannins, which give this wine great elegance. Let it open, and it becomes succulent with a lovely long finish. This wine will age nicely, but it is so delicious and tempting it is hard to wait.