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Domaine Weinbach 2018 Gewurztraminer

The grapes used in this wine come from vines planted in the estate vineyard, Clos des Capuchins and are Organic and Biodynamic.

The resulting wines are rich, velvety, rose-scented, exotic, and spicy and represent the very finest expression of the grape.

The grapes growing in this terroir ripen much earlier, producing wines with complex aromatics and a powerful concentration. 

This wine has fine notes of roses and white tea, with a hint of pink pepper for vivacity. Though closer to dry, the natural sweetness of the grape gives body to the wine to give a juicy impression mid-palate and a longlasting finish. 

An excellent food pairing would include spicy Asian cuisine such as Pad Thai, Shrimp Spring Rolls with chili sauce, or a Calamari Salad. This wine also pairs perfectly with smoked salmon.