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Domaine Weinbach 'Les Vignes du Précheur' 2020

Les Vignes du Precheur—‘the preacher’s vines' is a single-vineyard wine that was a recent acquisition by the Domaine, and is in conversion to organic and biodynamic certification.

The grape breakdown is 40% Riesling; 30% Auxerrois; 20% Pinot Gris; 5% Muscat; and 5% Sylvaner, all co-fermented in old oak vats and bottled after eight months on lees.

It's a spicy, musky, lingering dry white with heaps of personality, and can be enjoyed immediately.

Domaine Weinbach is an icon of the Alsace wine region, a pioneer of biodynamic viticulture and winemaking, and producer of some of the world's greatest aromatic wines.

Located the foot of the majestic Schlossberg hill, Domaine Weinbach is a “stream of wine”, named after the small waterway that traverses the property, and dates back all the way to 1612 when it was established by Capuchin monks.

The Faller family farms 27 hectares of vineyards, much of which is Grand Cru. The fame may go to the imposing Schlossberg GC but equal renown should be extended to the walled Clos de Capucins that surrounds the winery and the Furstentum GC, celebrated for exceptional Gewurztraminer.

Viticulture has been organic for many years but a conversion to biodynamics culminated in certification for the 2006 vintage onwards.