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Edenflo 'Quincy J' 2022

The Wine: Quincy J is a skinsy blend of Gewurztraminer, Riesling and Viognier from Eden Valley. Deliciously floral and aromatic. 

The winery: Edenflo is the culmination of Andrew Wardlaw’s extensive experience here and overseas, a label centred around celebrating the Eden Valley with wines that continue his fascination with native yeasts and minimal intervention that he’s been championing for two decades. His process has always been lo-fi, with basket pressing, no chilling or fining, and gravity employed over pumps, and he never does numbers in the lab. He was a pioneer, if you will, and his wines are very much still at the cutting edge, with unlikely assemblies of grapes, some skinsy, some not, as well as elegantly pitched takes on Eden Valley reds.