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Meyer-Nakel 'Grauwacke' Spatburgunder Pinot Noir 2017

Floral nose with lots of bright red fruit married with darker cherry notes.          Firmly structured yet with an elegant and gentle disposition. A taut acid backbone runs through the mid-palate, which results in a fresh, clean back palate mouthfeel. A perfect marriage of Burgundian finesse with forward-thinking, modern winemaking

About the Winery:
The name of the wine estate goes back to the marriage of grandparents Paula Meyer and Willibald Näkel in 1950. They cultivated an area of just 1.5 hectares, yet were able to make a name for themselves because Willibald’s production of dry red wines represented thoroughly pioneering work at the time.  The Ahr is situated just north of 50˚ latitude, which most people consider to be the boundary for viticulture.

Like many wineries in the Ahr, Meyer-Näkel focuses mainly on Pinot Noir (or as it’s known locally, Spätburgunder). The secret lies in an ideal micro climate found in the Ahr due to special geological conditions. The steep south-facing vineyard slopes are perfectly angled towards the sun, providing additional warmth and sun exposure in one of Germany’s most northerly winegrowing regions. The soil formed from weathered slate and Greywacke warm up easily and are able to store heat. Hence, the grapes grow in an ideal biotope of the narrow Ahr valley that is protected by the Eifel Hills. The unique microclimate is reflected in Meyer-Näkel’s red wines – fruitiness and full body in the foreground, and a slight herbaceousness and minerality on the palate.