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2020 Mas Coutelou ‘Classe’ Syrah, Grenache

This is Syrah and Grenache with a touch of Carignan. As always the CLASSE is moreish and attractive, and birthed from the super 2020 vintage, this wine is full, deep and vivid and tastes about as natural as a wine can get with is forthright charm and soulful depth. We adore this wine because it shows the benefit of working naturally (terroir, freshness, vitality) and still taste extraordinarily delicious. Unfined, unfiltered joy.

Puimisson is a Languedoc village situated a few kilometres from Béziers, with its Mediterranean climate.
From the south, the sea brings wind and humidity... From the north the mountains bring freshness... The Domaine has been certified organic since 1987, when we decided that we wanted to show the possibilities of growing vines without chemicals. In 1987, nobody was speaking of Mad Cow Disease, care for the environment was scarce and it required an act of great courage to follow the organic route. 30 years ago the Domaine was made up of more than 20ha and produced an average of 1800hl each year. Today it only has 13 ha under vine producing an average of 500hl.