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Wine Tastings

Welcome to Wine Library

Elevate your experience with our exceptional wine tastings!

Immerse yourself in a guided wine tasting, perfect for enhancing your evening, whether paired with dinner or as a standalone experience. Our tastings feature a curated selection of 6 different wines, each presented with a full bottle for approximately 12 guests. The tasting experience typically lasts 1.5 to 2 hours, and we offer flexibility in customizing the duration, wine selection, and group size.

Indulge in the following tasting options:

  • Regular Tasting
    • Price: $69pp.
    • Minimum 12 people
  • Premier Tasting
    • Price: $89pp
    • Minimum 12 people 
  • Grand Tasting
    • Price: $119pp
    • Minimum 12 people 


Book your extraordinary wine tasting today! Cheers to unparalleled indulgence!

Get in touch with us at with your preferred date and option