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Wine Subscription

Want to try amazing wines hand selected and delivered by our award winning Sommeliers?

Join our Wine Club and be part of a select group of wine connoisseurs who share a common passion for wine and get first dibs to our masterclasses and events. 

A flexible subscription of wines delivered to your door every month on the first Thursday of the month. 
Different wines and themes will be selected by the Wine Library Sommeliers every month. 

How it works

Choose between 3, 6 or 12 wines delivered to your door every month.

How do I choose my wines?

We do the heavy lifting for you based on your style and preference, each month The Wine Library Sommeliers will taste a truckload of wines and choose the best wines for you. 

Only drink red wines?

No problem, you can choose from our flexible options only red, only white wines, progressive or classic styles. 

When do i get my wines?

Upon joining the club you'll receive your wines every first Thursday of the month. Keep in mind that if you join after the first week of the current month you will receive your first delivery on the following month. 

Can I speak to a Sommelier about my wine preferences? 

Absolutely, you can book a free consult with a Wine Library Sommelier, just email us on and we'll be in touch. 

 Can I skip a month or cancel?

Absolutely, at the press of a button you can skip a month, pause and cancel anytime. If you wish to make any changes just email us on


We are here to help, just call us on 02 93687484 if you have any more questions about our club.