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latteArt_taps_goneFishing 106x106cm

Patrick has been working hard on the tools on a new theme called Wine & Latte Art

This will be the first exclusive showing of this series, a great opportunity to acquire some unique Australian artwork.

"This body of work is all about my love of painting still life compositions and the surreal, imaginative, Steampunk contraptions of my highly detailed pen and ink drawing and sketches. For some time, I have wanted to integrate the 2 genres together but wasn’t quite sure how or more so if they would work together."

"My first idea centred around the designs of the milk latte art I like to create in our morning espressos, and I constantly say to my wife …” wow this looks like a swan or troll, or contraption or a whatever”, and I wanted to place my wacky designs on top and inside the cups of freshly brewed flat whites in paintings. I set about this by photographing each morning’s brews and scanning my drawings from various sketch books and then combining the photos and drawings in Photoshop. I use various parts of many different drawings in the paintings to create a kind of painted diorama, where shadow, reflection and negative spaces work together with compositions to create a complete image"

"I showed the unfinished paintings to Tim and Paola, from The Wine Library and they loved them … but they said, “how about some wine ones as well.” I said, “sure they’ll work too.” I created the same style with the wines as the coffee cups and what you see is the fruitful melding of these ideas into this body of work that I have created over the last 4 months Furthermore I am showing the work that has led into this series, to give an insight into the path I travelled to arrive at this body of work."

~Patrick Perlstone