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NV Egly-Ouriet Grand Cru

“Egly-Ouriet remains the finest grower in Champagne right now, and my only 10/10 grower.” Tyson Stelzer, The Champagne Guide

“Egly-Ouriet is one of the reference-point growers in Champagne, with a deep selection of wines that offer remarkable transparency to site, vintage and variety ... These are among the most pure, unmanipulated Champagnes readers will come across.” Antonio Galloni, The Wine Advocate

“Few producers can equal Francis Egly in skill and experience, and larger houses cannot hope to emulate the cultivation norms…” Michel Bettane and Thierry Desseauve, The World's Greatest Wines

“Francis Egly has been making wine at this renowned Ambonnay estate since 1982, and among grower producers today, he has a reputation in the region only second to Anselme Selosse.” Peter Liem, Champagne

Vintages: 2016 (50%), 2015 (30%) and 2012 (20%)

Bottling: 2017

Disgorgement: July 2021

Time on lees: 48 months

Yet another striking release of this wine, this is made exclusively from Grand Cru vines predominantly in Ambonnay but also Bouzy and Verzenay. It’s 70% Pinot Noir and 30% Chardonnay from low-yielding, perfectly tended vines that have been harvested fully ripe. Natural fermentation was with wild yeasts only and the first period of maturation (before going to bottle) lasted almost one year, with the wine remaining on its fine lees for the whole time. The wine clarified slowly and naturally—as was once typical across the region—and as such there was no fining nor filtration. Over 50% of the wine was fermented and aged in oak casks. The dosage was at three grams per litre, so extra-brut territory.